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Franklin 76 Project work in progress Cachets Catalog
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Hogg Cachets Home Page

Top: Albers Cachet

Middle: AFDCS Cachet – Originally intended for the Souvenir Sheet Singles

Bottom: American Historical Series

TOP: American Topical Association

Middle: American Topical Association – Americana Unit envelope

Bottom: Same as above, but postal card, back image

American Topical Association Postal Card, front

Top and Middle: Anderson (C. Stephen) black and light green color variety

Bottom: Unsigned Canadian cachet (printed on Artcraft envelope) Possible Artcraft variety? Reason: The flap construction and gum line under the flap are identical to that found on Artcraft cachets. This configuration is unmistakable to one familiar with Artcraft.

All Artcraft cachets –

Top: Variety 1, reddish brown ink, Reads Interphil76 Official First Day Cover at top and Honoring Benjamin Franklin First Postmaster-General under graphic

Middle: Variety 2, blue ink, reads Interphil76 Official First Day Cover under composite graphic of Declaration of Independence, Independence Hall, Patriot, and liberty bell

Bottom: Variety 3, Blue, Liberty Bell graphic, reads America’s Bi-Centennial “Let Freedom Ring”

Top: Variety 4, Brown ink, graphic of horseback rider on horse galloping past man on porch reads: American Independence Bicentennial

Middle: Variety 5, Pinkish red, graphic of Independence Hall, reads American Revolution Bicentennial “Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land”

Bottom: Variety 6, Pinkish red, graphic of minuteman holding musket, reads: American Revolution Bicentennial

Top: Variety 7, Pinkish red, graphic of drummer, reads Spirit of 76, with seven stars below, under which it reads America’s Bicentennial

Bottom: Artmaster Cachet printed in green

Top: Cooper (Rex) Variety 1, Red & blue, Across bottom entire length of envelope 1776 “A Salute to the American Bicentennial” 1976 (unsigned) printed on Eagle A Trojan Bond watermarked paper

Middle: Cooper (Rex) Variety 2, Brown, Red & Blue, Bicentennial- ’76 across top in brown with minuteman in brown ink in front of 13 star flag (unsigned) printed on laid finish envelope watermarked Eagle A Trojan Laid watermarked paper.

Bottom: Cooper (Rex) Variety 3, Red & Blue ink, 50 star flag on entire envelope (unsigned) printed on laid finish envelope watermarked Eagle A Trojan Laid watermarked paper.

Top: David C Cachets, blue, signed

Middle: Falkon Cachet, black, signed, on white envelope paper

Bottom: Same, but on brownish yellow colored envelope paper

Fleetwood Cachets: All are multicolored, with Benjamin Franklin at the very top. All bear extensive text on the back of the envelope, are printed on laid finish paper, and are signed.

Top: Variety 1, reads Benjamin Franklin A Greatly Beloved American

Middle: Variety 2, reads Benjamin Franklin A Great American Citizen

Bottom: Variety 3, reads Benjamin Franklin A Great American Patriot – also bears Canadian stamp w/US postmark

Top: Variety 4, reads, Benjamin Franklin A Great American Thinker – bears both US & Canadian stamps with Canadian FD Cancel

Bottom: Variety 5, reads, Benjamin Franklin A Great American Achiever – bears Canadian stamp only with Canadian FD Cancel

Top: Variety 6, reads, Benjamin Franklin A Great American Diplomat – bears UK 11p Franklin stamp FD Cancelled in Edinburgh

Bottom: Variety 7, reads, Benjamin Franklin A Great American Peacemaker - bears UK 11p Franklin stamp FD Cancelled in Edinburgh

Top: Cooper (Rex) Variety 4, Black, Red & Blue, Inside circle of blue stars, a black Independence Hall with Independence Hall printed below in red, with both 50 star and 13 star flags in red and blue behind hall, (unsigned) printed on laid finish envelope watermarked Eagle A Trojan Laid watermarked paper.

Middle: FMF Local Post – across top, rubber stamped test in blue ink Pioneer of the Postal System within stamp perforated box in red ink. Below, blue on white label reading Xc Equality Freedom *fmf local post* with Franklin’s bust, rubber stamp cancelled FMF Travel L. P. First Day

Bottom: Hart Cachets C. A. Premoe, orange and brown (signed)

Hogg Cachet

Top: Variety 1, Interphil76 at bottom is two color, red and blue on laid finish cream envelope, signed

Middle: Variety 2, Interphil76 at bottom is one color, red and blue on laid finish cream envelope, signed

Bottom: Variety 3, brown ink on white envelope, signed

Top: Jackson Cachet, multicolored (signed)

Middle: La Fiesta, all five are in black ink and have First Day Cover at the top.

Variety 1: Statue of Franklin seated, reading below: Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)

Bottom: Variety 2, reads across bottom: Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790) Printer and Publisher

Top: Variety 3, reads across bottom: Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790) Statesman and Diplomat

Middle: Variety 4, reads across bottom: Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790) Scientist and inventor

Bottom: Variety 5, reads across bottom: Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790) Public Minded Citizen

Top: Marg Cachet, signed. This cover illustrated is a Marg variety, typewritten addressed, with imprint on rear of cover: R. H. Bennewitz, Union Carbide Corporation. This was a commercial use of a FDC for advertising purposes.

Middle and Bottom: Philatelic Journalist, two colors, signed. One for each the Canadian & US stamp issues.

Metropolitan First Day Cover Society, the New York City Chapter of AFDCS, signed. This is a Hogg Cachet variety, red and blue, on cream laid finish envelopes. These were sold in sets of FDOI Cancel, Show Cancel, and B Free Franklin Cancel.

Slavin Cachets.

Top: Variety 1, bust of Franklin with caption Benjamin Franklin First Postmaster General, black, signed

Middle: Variety 2, Graphic of B Free Franklin Post Office, along with B Free Franklin signature, black, signed

Bottom: Variety 3, Independence Hall, black ink on cream envelope, signed

Top: Variety 4, graphic of signing of Declaration of Independence, reads The Declaration of Independence at Philadelphia, black, signed.

Middle: variety 5, same as #4 but printed in brown ink on a cream colored envelope. Note: Variety 4 & 5 appear intended for use with the Declaration of Independence Souvenir Sheet stamps.

Bottom: Truman Philatelic & Historical Association, black, signed. These covers were sold in sets of five: postmarked FDOI Hand, FDOI Machine, Interphil Show Cancel, Highway PO Show cancel, and B Free Franklin cancel. Only 50 sets were made.

Top: Western heritage Association, purple and brown, signed

Bottom: Robert D. Barron (from a Zimmerman cartoon), blue, unsigned

Top: Centennial Cachets - Edward G. Hacker. Unsigned, Blue and orange, thermographed, on white envelope

Middle: Unsigned, black on white sulfite bond envelope (My unknown ID#2)

Bottom: Unsigned, green on white envelope (My unknown ID#3)

Top: Barry Newton Cachet - Unsigned, black on white Gilbert Bond 25% cotton envelope. Printed by letterpress printing

Middle: Unsigned, black on grey envelope with paper fibers visible. This also may have been made by Joe Kanjurek, but I'm not sure. (My unknown ID #5)

Bottom: Unsigned, black on cream colored envelope. My note on the back of a business card inside envelope indicates cachet maker is Joe Kanjurek. The card reads Fairview 13 Stamps and Gift Shoppe of "THE FIRST STATE", Harrington, Delaware 19952. it also states member: AFDCS, APS, ATA, CPC, MSCC, LSP, SP, SPA, TP&HA.


These two covers illustrate both Canadian cancels available at the Interphil76 Show. Also, the bottom cover illustrates the hand FDOI Cancel in dark magenta ink. There was one clerk using magenta ink that day at the show and there were a number of these ink variety cancels done.

These two covers illustrate the Show Cancel and the Highway PO Show Cancel. There was an actual Highway Post Office van on display at Interphil76 and this cancel was available at this exhibit.


The fourth one down reads “Norristown, Pa King of Prussia Br. USPO”

The headquarters hotel for the AFDCS Convention was the Benjamin Franklin Hotel in downtown Philadelphia. This hotel had special round gummed labels meant for putting on suitcases. Many enterprising AFDCS members used these labels on envelopes to create cachets for the Franklin stamp, as shown above.


Use of Benjamin Franklin Hotel materials to create FDCs

Top: AS Cachet. Produced by Arlington Supplies, whose address in 1976 was PO Box 143, Palmers Green, London N13, England. It is printed on an envelope of heavy paper stock and is sized 7-9/16" wide by 4-1/2" tall, with the flap on the right. The multicolor printing is offset press and the gold is thermographed printing. The logo visible on the flap on the far right reads: "AS" with a graphic of the world below it, and then "WE-COVER-THE-WORLD" across the bottom.

Bottom: Canada Post Offical Cachet

Unsigned engraved souvenir card

David C Cachets souvenir card

Souvenir program handed out at FD Ceremony